Below you’ll find examples of engagement sections.

These are sections of content that can be added to any page.

Section Options:

  • Background Type: Image or Color (blue, green, orange or white)
  • White Text: Optional
  • Show background watermark icon: Optional

Add Content Before & After

These are optional content areas that appear before and after the main content options that allow you to add  content via the standard content editor for adding and formatting text, links and images.

Content Options:

  • CTAs: Call to action links with icons
  • Cards: Content in columns with visual options (image, background image w/ overlay, icon or video), headline, subheadline(optional), descriptive text(optional) and callout button
  • Image and Text: Background image with a content area that include a headline, descriptive text and link button and . The content area can be aligned left or right and has options for a background color (blue, green, orange or white).
  • Testimonials: Display testimonials in a slider format. Choose specific testimonials or display random testimonials
  • Impact Stats: Display impact stats. Choose specific stats or display random stats
  • Theme Widgets: Display Theme Widgets (Calendar Feed, Featured Events, Posts Feed, Embed Code (for forms), Custom Text & Image, Menus or Image Slider) in columns
  • WYSIWYG Content: the standard content editor for adding  and formatting text, links and images.